Monday, November 28, 2005

Beyond FICTION: ONE SISTER'S SONG by Karen DeGroot Carter

Self-promotion does not appeal to me, but when your first novel receives a glowing review on a site like POD-dy Mouth, you want to let the world know. I am not biracial, but I wrote about a biracial woman and her struggles to find her place in her world in One Sister’s Song. I explored subtle forms of contemporary prejudice against people of mixed-race heritage throughout my novel, as well as single parenting, grief recovery, and the Underground Railroad. Writing this book, having it published, discussing it with book clubs, reading positive reviews of my all adds up to wonder, pure and simple. Call this post shameless self-promotion; I prefer to call it a thank-you note to everyone, including the anonymous host of POD-dy Mouth, who’s read my book and encouraged me to keep writing. What a way to start the week.


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