Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Beyond FORUMS: Intermix: Where Mixed-Race Matters

London-based Intermix not only highlights resources for the mixed-race community, it provides current, lively forums on topics ranging from Adoption and Parenting to Arts & Entertainment and Negative Media Watch. In the Around the World forum, click on “It’s not just a UK thing” and you’re directed to a page with a bold subhead: “Welcome to the Intermix forums, where mixed-race matters.” Read on, and you’ll hear from people with vastly different backgrounds who share one thing in common: they’ve experienced racism in various forms, in various places.

One member notes: “Sites like (Intermix) highlight the wrongs that are being done whilst giving us all somewhere to feel wanted and safe.” Americans of mixed-race heritage might be surprised to learn racism isn’t confined to nations like ours with tumultuous race-relations histories. Countries known for their homogeneity apparently host their own brand of prejudice that directly affects visitors or new residents who don’t quite fit in. Perhaps by participating in forums such as those hosted by Intermix, Americans of mixed-race heritage can contribute to the conversation, too, and help increase understandings on both sides of the pond.

Other areas of this comprehensive site highlight mixed-race books, celebrities, events, film, art, icons, music, news, parenting resources, and poetry. Enjoy!


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