Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Beyond FIESTAS: ProGroup’s 2007 Honoring Differences Diversity Calendar

Talk about an unusual gift idea.

I’ve featured Minneapolis-based ProGroup before; it helps companies offer coaching, mentoring, training, electronic solutions, and innovative cultural audits designed to identify and address diversity issues in the workplace. And I just came across their site advertising the 2007 Honoring Differences Diversity Calendar. Designed for organizations that wish to “reinforce a message of inclusion and respect year-round,” the Diversity Calendar highlights cultural holidays and events celebrated by groups from all over the world, with an index divided by religion, culture, and country, as well as helpful tips on how to appropriately recognize all the holidays featured. The basic calendar runs only $16 with group discounts available. There’s also an on-line version as well as a “data set” for the technically inclined who like to download important dates.

Apparently ProGroup hears from managers of diverse groups who greatly appreciate the annual diversity calendar and refer to it before scheduling anything. I’d think it would provide a pretty nifty educational tool for teachers and parents, too. Shop on!


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