Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"MAVIN Foundation is committed to creating a society that recognizes the complexity of race, racism and identity. We support the right to self-identify, and think it's important for mixed heritage and transracially adopted people to strengthen their involvement in existing ethnic and affinity communities."

So reads a segment of the mission statement from, a terrific first stop for anyone interested in interracial resources. The word "mavin" -- translated as "one who understands" -- effectively describes MAVIN founder Matt Kelley. As a freshman at Wesleyan in 1998, Matt Kelley published the debut issues of MAVIN magazine; MAVIN became a nonprofit Foundation in 2000. In addition to its magazine, MAVIN also publishes a book for parents of children of mixed-race heritage, hosts college interns, and promotes various campus and community programs designed to increase awareness of "America's mixed-race baby boom." According to MAVIN, in cities like Seattle, Sacramento, and San Antonio, one out of every six babies born is multiracial.

Look for more profiles of people like Matt Kelley and organizations like MAVIN in additional "Beyond THE FUTURE" posts. They'll direct you to a variety of inspiring pioneers devoted to a more tolerant tomorrow!


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